Auroville's Industrial Zone

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Auroville's Industrial Zone
Name: Auroville's Industrial Zone (Auroshilpam)
Status: operational
Location: Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Other details
Surface area
Point: 12° 0' 20" N, 79° 48' 41" E
Financial contributions
Companies present in the park
Companies participating in Eco-industrial activities
Certifications achieved at park level

Knock Out Criteria
Auroville's Industrial Zone meets 1 out of 4 KO criteria.
Diversity: no info
Industrial Focus: no info
Industrial Symbiosis: no info
Environmental Info: yes

Evaluation criteria
Sectors present
Involvement of local community
Symbiotic exchanges
Number of byproduct exchanges
Heat cascading initiatives
Water cascading initiatives
Shared infrastructures No
Knowledge/Information sharing initiatives No
Reporting of benefits from Industrial Symbiosis
Economic gains ,
Water use ,
Resource use ,
Energy ,
Waste production ,
Liveability ,
Greening of products ,

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