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  • Nora: We received a comment from Peter Laybourn, the director of NISP:

If I had a suggestion it would be some kind of categorization of EIPs. e.g although we don't use the term EIP NISP is like a 'virtual' EIP without the small geographic boundaries ... and of course NISP type projects are operating in Hungary, Romania, Brazil, Mexico etc and these would be missing from the chart. Also with EIP's there could be a distinction between 'new' and 'retrofit' EIPs ...the former literally newly built such as TEDA in China and the latter applying industrial ecology type principles to existing industrial parks.

I think the different EIP types are a really good point. You can see for example Chinese and Japanese academics like to distinguish different type of parks.. this way we could also easily deal with eco-towns, something like 'Community EIPs'

    • Devin: definitely, my impression of Japanese parks so far is that the industry is very integrated into the town economy, making for something of a grey area for us, so some sort of typology would be useful. Also, parks such as Guitang Group (which is owned by a single company) should be included but are distinct from a 'traditional' EIP. Nora, how do the Chinese/Japanese academics distinguish the parks?
    • Nora: I uploaded two articles to the RelatedArticles page. the IE journal one lists the three types of EIPs. Also another article is there about Chinese standards/evaluations.

  • Devin: Found a very interesting article about eco-town lessons from China, including some damning criticism of one of the C2C towns. The final paragraph sums it up if you don't want to read the whole thing: "The lesson from China: small, local and manageable projects yield far better results and make far more people aware of energy conservation than the handful of eco-beauty-pageants that have received so much publicity in the past few years."

  • Jan: Damn, so many interesting Chinese papers on, but not available. Hidden treasure i tells ya, treasuuuuuuure...
    • Darn, same for the Chinese Geographical Science journal on Springerlink, grrr...
  • Note: lots of circular economy, agriculture and other cool stuff is apparently happening in China, but info is lacking :((