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These are the minimum requirements that describe the kind of cases this database wants to focus on.

The parks in the database that do not fulfill these four criteria are not studied any further. However they stay in the database for future reference and can be included in the future if developments occur.

Are there in the (industrial) cluster more than two different industrial sectors present? See list
Industrial focus
Does the cluster have a main industrial focus, and if connected to residential area is there production for the market outside this residential area?
Industrial Symbiosis
Are there two or more apparent symbiotic relationships between firms or industrial sectors?
  • Byproducts
  • Energy cascade
  • (Waste)water
  • Shared infrastructure/services (water or waste treatment, conference/training facilities, etc.)
Information & environmental orientation
Is there in the information a clear attention for the environment (on website, in publications)? Is the environmental character of the park communicated?